Medien- und Netzpolitik. Eine politikfeldanalytische Einführung (im Erscheinen)

This chapter gives an overview on the subsystem of German media- and internet policy, its actors, topics and devlopment.

Trust and Transparency in an Age of Surveillance. Ein Tagungsbericht zum Expertenworkshop am John-F.-Kennedy-Institut

The key finding of the workshop “Trust and Transparency in an Age of Surveillance” held at the John F. Kennedy Institute …

Netzpolitik - Genese eines Politikfeldes

The first book giving a complete overview on the history of German internet policy.

Discourse Quality in Times of Populism. An Analysis of German Parliamentary Debates on Immigration Policy

For this article we analyzed how discourse quality developed in the German parliament during the so called “migration …

The Construction of a new Policy Domain in Debates on German Internet Policy

The question of how policy subsystems emerge is adressed in this article with an empirical analysis of discourse on German internet …

Netzpolitik in statu nascendi. Eine Annäherung an Wegmarken der Politikfeldgenese

For this chapter topic modelling was used in order to identify key topics in discourse on internet policy.